IOU Helper is only supported on Windows operating systems and you can only host kongregate or accounts. IOU Helper v1.81 requires the NPAPI flash plugin. This can be found here -

The first thing you will need to do is to download the latest version of IOU Helper by visiting the IOU Helper home page. Once you have downloaded the file and unzipped it, we're ready to begin. Open the IOU Helper.exe file to continue.

Account Details
You will notice that the first thing you see when opening the IOU Helper for the first time, is a section asking for your kongregate details.
To get these details, you need to press f2 when you're on your kongregate account and then type "/con1". You can then copy the "KongID" number and the "Token" number into the helper as well as entering your username to get it to run.

Don't run a Kongregate account? That's cool too. Simply open the in game console by pressing F2 and type "/cmd genpass PASSWORD_YOU_WANT" to generate an login for your account. You can then use this to log into IOU Helper by clicking File -> Run and entering in the details once the game loads.

On version 1 of IOU Helper, if loading an account results in a white screen without the word "Loading..." at the top, please make sure you have the NPAPI flash plugin installed. This can be found here -

Feel free to add as many accounts as you want by selecting File -> New to enter more details.

This is the last time you will have to do this as you can press File -> Save to save all of your open accounts to the AutoSave.CSV file which will automatically load when the program is started.

If you don't want to automatically load your accounts, you can use File -> Save As or File -> Save Only to save your details into another CSV file.

Shortcut Keys
IOU Helper has a range of shortcut keys to help you use the included features, these are all listed below.